Magic Flavors Celery Salt 15.5 oz
Magic Flavors Celery Salt 15.5 oz

Magic Flavors Celery Salt 15.5 oz

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    Celery salt uses the celery seeds rather than dried celery stalks. Celery salt adds a tantalizing fresh flavor to creamy salads like potato or egg salads and coleslaw, and is a great alternative to table salt on fish, vegetables, potatoes, rice and even popcorn!

    'Ey. How you gunna make a real Chicago Dog widdout Celery Salt?
    You can use it in other stuff, I guess, sure
    Available in 7 oz jar or case
    From Wikipedia:

    Celery salt is a seasoned salt used as a food seasoning, made from ground seeds, which may come from celery or its relative lovage. It is also sometimes produced using dried celery or seed oleoresin.

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