Magic Flavors Chili Powder (Light) 8 oz
Magic Flavors Chili Powder (Light) 8 oz

Magic Flavors Chili Powder (Light) 8 oz

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    Light chili powder is better for a milder flavor palate. Less chili pepper, less roasting, and more of the other savory spices gives this blend a broader range of applications. It is suitable for dishes served to children and people who cannot eat spicy food.

    Special blend of lighter chili peppers
    Lighter in tone and flavor; good for fish and vegetable dishes
    Available in 8 oz jar or case
    From Wikipedia:

    Chili powder blends are composed chiefly of chili peppers and blended with other spices including cuminoniongarlic powder, and sometimes salt.[3][4] The chilis are most commonly red chili peppers; "hot" varieties usually also include cayenne pepper. As a result of the varying recipes used, the spiciness of any given chili powder is variable.

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