Magic Flavors Cumin (Whole) 6 oz
Magic Flavors Cumin (Whole) 6 oz

Magic Flavors Cumin (Whole) 6 oz

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    The second most popular spice in the world after black pepper, cumin seeds are used to perk up everything from Persian stews to Indian rice dishes, Mexican beans, soups and even beverages. Cumin is especially delicious in refried beans, chili and tortilla soup.

    You can't just load up on pepper; you need cumin as well
    Available in 6 oz jar or case

    From Wikipedia:

    Cumin seed is used as a spice for its distinctive flavour and aroma. Cumin can be found in some cheeses, such as Leyden cheese, and in some traditional breads from France. Cumin can be an ingredient in chili powder (often Tex-Mex or Mexican-style), and is found in achiote blends, adobossofritogaram masalacurry powderbahaarat, and is used to flavor numerous commercial food products. In South Asian cooking, it is often combined with coriander seeds in a powdered mixture called dhana jeera.

    Cumin can be used ground or as whole seeds. It imparts an earthy, warming and aromatic character to food, making it a staple in certain stews and soups, as well as spiced gravies such as curry and chili. It is also used as an ingredient in some pickles and pastries

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