Magic Flavors Ginger (Ground) 7 oz
Magic Flavors Ginger

Magic Flavors Ginger (Ground) 7 oz

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    Ground ginger is the predominant spice in gingerbread and gingersnap cookies. It is used in many sweet spices mixes like pumpkin pie spice. It can be used in many savory applications like spice ribs, taglines, and marinades.

    Whether it's ale or bread or snaps, so many options
    Spices up baking, cooking, everything
    Available in 5 oz jar or case
    From Wikipedia:

    Ginger is a very popular spice used worldwide; whether it be used to spice up meals, or as a medicine, the demand for ginger all over the world has been consistent throughout history. Ginger can be used for a variety of food or medicine items such as vegetables, candy, soda, pickles, and alcoholic beverages.

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