Magic Flavors Mustard (Ground) 5 oz
Magic Flavors Mustard (Ground) 5 oz

Magic Flavors Mustard (Ground) 5 oz

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    The flavor of ground mustard develops when soaked in liquid to bring out the pungent compounds. It is commonly used in spice rubs, salad dressings, soups, and to add an acidic component to cut through rich sauces like for macaroni and cheese.

    Mentioned in all three Abrahamic religions' sacred texts
    Also delicious when mixed with vinegar and put on hot dogs
    Available in 2.8 oz jar or case
    From Wikipedia:

    The word for the plant is found in ancient Mediterranean languages such as Arabic and Greek. Cognates of the word include Ancient Greek µa???? (malákhe) or µ????? (molókhe), Modern Greek µ????a (molóha), modern Arabic??????? (mulukhiyah) and modern Hebrew??????? (malukhia).

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