Magic Flavors Nutmeg (Ground) 6.5 oz
Magic Flavors Nutmeg (Ground) 6.5 oz

Magic Flavors Nutmeg (Ground) 6.5 oz

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    When used in cakes, breads, pastries, fruit dishes, and pies, nutmeg pairs well with ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. When used in lamb, mutton, meat stews, spinach dishes, veal, vegetable recipes and even pasta sauces, it pairs well with cumin, coriander, pepper, and thyme. 

    Ground nutmeg is great in so many dishes
    Baking or roasting, soups and stews
    Available in 3.5 oz jar or case
    From Wikipedia:

    Nutmeg and mace have similar sensory qualities, with nutmeg having a slightly sweeter and mace a more delicate flavour. Mace is often preferred in light dishes for the bright orange, saffron-like hue it imparts. Nutmeg is used for flavouring many dishes, and nowadays is mostly found in Western supermarkets in ground or grated form. 

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