Magic Flavors Onion Salt 15 oz
Magic Flavors Onion Salt 15 oz

Magic Flavors Onion Salt 15 oz

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    Onion salt is one of those quick fixes that everyone needs in the spice cupboard. It’s a swift and easy way to infuse a dish with onion’s zingy character, along with salt’s ability to round out and intensify flavors. Use it anywhere you’d use regular salt.

    Popular spice worldwide; used in many cuisines
    Available in 16 oz jar

    From Wikipedia:

    Onion powder may be used as a seasoning atop a variety of foods and dishes, such as pasta, pizza, and grilled chicken. It is also a primary ingredient in beau monde seasoning.It is also sometimes used as a meat rub. Onion powder is also an ingredient in some commercially prepared foods, such as sauces, soups, and salad dressings. It can also be used in many other recipes such as burgers or meatloaf.

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