Magic Flavors Poppy Seeds (Freshly Ground) 10 oz Pouch
Poppy Seeds (Freshly Ground)

Magic Flavors

Magic Flavors Poppy Seeds (Freshly Ground) 10 oz Pouch

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Freshly ground, with same-day shipping!
Ground Poppy Seeds
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Made to order: 2 heat-sealed pouches of GROUND poppy seeds, 10 oz each.

Ground Poppy Seeds can smell much more fragrant than whole poppy seeds, which have very little taste.
They are tangier than the intact seeds, and shouldn't be confused with being rancid or stale.
Grinding the seeds reveals their exotic flavors, which require a sweetener like sugar, honey, etc., or soaking in hot milk

Guaranteed fresh!

Our poppy seed supply is less than 3 months old, originates from Spain, and has a shelf-life of 12 months. We use these same seeds in our own bakery.

The seeds are lightly ground, cracked just enough to release the oils inside - you may need a magnifying glass to tell the difference! The seeds are so small to begin and may not appear ground to the naked eye. We are careful not to grind too much, however, to prevent the seeds from becoming an oily, mushy paste.

We grind fresh-to-order, grinding and packaging poppy seed orders the same day they are shipped out.

Shelf Life & Storage

Once you receive your poppy seeds, store them refrigerated or use within 5 days.

Prep Suggestions

For desserts, soak in hot milk for an hour, or simmer with milk, sugar, and raisins for a filling.

Instead of milk, you can use water, but the fat content in milk will help the flavor as fat is a flavor carrier.

Do you want the more flavorful and intense Ground Poppy, or traditional Whole Poppy Seed?

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