Shokupan Multigrain Thick-Sliced Hotel Bread by Magic Flavors
Multi Grain Bread

Shokupan Multigrain Thick-Sliced Hotel Bread by Magic Flavors

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  • 1" Thick, dense yet fluffy
  • Hotel bread
  • Add butter & jam
  • Finest Quality, Baked in Seattle!
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    Whole Grain Wheat, Oats, Soy, Maize, Chana, Ragi, Barley. Plenty of grains?

    Not quite as fine as white but amazing by itself, with added health benefits.

    This thick-cut bread is served all over Japan and is a great bread for anything at any time. Use this spongy-soft bread with butter, or even add some of our Magic Flavors jams (hint: combines amazingly with our Pumpkin Butter).

    Fluffy Texture. What makes this bread so special is its spongy, delicate texture.

    Unbeatable Quality. You won’t find handmade bread like this in big grocery stores.

    Uniquely Japanese. If you’ve been to Japan, you’ll recognize this light bread served everywhere.

    Try a unique twist on plain white bread—you’ve never had a white loaf until you’ve tried our Shokupan breads.